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How to Join Sickle Cell Trials & Studies

Have you ever wanted to enroll or participate in a research study or program involving sickle cell and didn’t know where to start?

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‘Mini’ Transplant May Reverse Severe Sickle Cell Disease

Commentary on recent news of a mini transplant as a viable reversal option for SCD patients.

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Sickle Cell Patient Dies in Bahrain:(

To all my sickle cell warriors in other countries, my heart goes out to you. I know that we mostly talk about the care in the US, and I know that at times, the care in other places can be even more difficult than what we have over here. Wherever

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SC Treatment Clinic Opens in Chicago

New sickle cell treatment clinic opens in Chicago

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Sickle Cell News

Medical researchers are developing a new surveillance system to determine the number of patients diagnosed with a family of inherited blood disorders known as hemoglobinopathies, including sickle cell disease, thalassemias, and hemoglobin E disease. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health is funding

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WEGO Interview

Part Two of the WEGO interview is up!

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Sickle Cell Advocates & Activism

Hello fabulous warriors! Okay, everyone here has gotten something from the sickle cell online community in one way or another. Now here is your chance to participate and help others with knowledge the same way you have been helped. Remember, we are the only ones that can change the way

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Sickle Cell Documentary Photo Collage

Project Hemoglobin S December 17 at 1:13am Report Our Documentary needs faces!We have a collage we’re featuring in our film of Sickle Cell Survivors! If you would like to have your picture featured in our film during our collage of Sickle Cell Survivors Contact Us! We’d Love to have you!

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Minority Nurse Article

Here is the Minority Nurse article I got featured in last year. It’s titled Providing Culturally Competent Sickle Cell Care. So I guess now you know my real name:)

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Blood Stem-Cell Transplant Regimen Reverses Sickle Cell Disease in Adults

News research on blood stem-cell transplant reversing sickle cell disease in adults.

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American Society of Hematology Conference

I know it’s probably late for anyone to travel there, but if anyone is in New Orleans…this conference just might be for you ~ by the American Society of Hematology. I thought you and Sickle Cell Can Kiss My A** readers might be interested in learning about some of the

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More Info on the Sickle Cell Documentary

Addendum: Anyone interested in sharing their story can followup on this. Shooting will be done in LA, and you will be flown in for the feature interview. Hope this helps! If interested, send an email to We are producing a feature length documentary on Sickle Cell Disease and those

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Nicosan Rising

Okay, so ever since I wrote the Nicosan Woes post, I’ve gotten several people wanting to know what’s the new scoop on Xechem. I’ve kept my ears to the ground, and after emailing a few great Nicosan friends and supporters, have found out that things seem to be looking better

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Sickle Cell Documentary

I came across this and thought someone might be interested. I’ve already sent in a request for more information (gotta do research for y’all first:) New and Engaging Documentary currently in Production seeks more cast members! Does someone you know or even yourself have Sickle Cell Disease? We are still

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Nicosan Testimonial

One of my readers who has been on Nicosan for about a year now, has written this wonderful review that I would like to share with everyone. If anyone else has a Nicosan story that they would love to share; good, bad or indifferent; please send it my way. Also,

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