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Patient-Focused Nonprofit Generating Awareness About Sickle Cell Disease, a genetic disorder that primarily affects BIPOC minorities

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September Is Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month!

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World Sickle Cell Day on June 19th

Sickle Cell Awareness Month

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Passing on Sickle Cell to your Children

Passing on Sickle Cell to your Children Warrior parents, can you relate to feeling like this? How do you cope? What helps you get through these feelings about passing on sickle cell? Jourdan Dunn feels as if she passed sickle cell disease on to her son, Riley Dunn. The model-turned-actress recently told The Sunday Times magazine about…

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Make Happiness a Habit – 5 Ways to help

Happiness isn’t always easy to catch and hold onto. Yes, some relationships can provide deep joy, and material possessions might offer a short-lived thrill, but these sources of happiness are somewhat out of your control. To nurture and sustain feelings of happiness, develop routines you can rely on no matter what else is going on in…

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Emergency Care not Ideal for SC Patients

New survey finds that treatment in the emergency room for patients with sickle cell disease is not ideal. This is a longstanding issue, but warriors now demand justice. It will be addressed by #BlackHealthMatters initiative

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We are the innovators of the term Sickle Cell Warrior© a word that has been adopted by patients all over the globe.

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Our mission is to provide education, awareness, empowerment, advocacy, research access & support for those living with sickle cell disease. We do this through digital media, events, and conferences. We help to amplify the voices of patients, caregivers, and families battling this genetic rare disease.

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First of all, if sickle cell has touched your life in any way, you are a warrior. Are you a sickle cell warrior living life to the fullest regardless of sickle cell? Are you a mother, father, or grandparent caring for a sickle cell warrior? Are you in school, working or managing a household? Would you like the your sickle cell story featured on this website?

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SCW has the largest peer-curated online collection of articles dealing with the personal nature of sickle cell disease. 

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