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Get a Chance to Become a Sickle Cell Warrior© Ambassador

Do you want to become more active in the sickle cell community? We need your help! We often receive requests for speakers and advocates to participate in events. If interested, kindly complete the questions below and you will be contacted by a member of our team.

Warriors in the Spotlight

First of all, if sickle cell has touched your life in any way, you are a warrior. Are you a sickle cell warrior living life to the fullest regardless of sickle cell? Are you a mother, father, or grandparent caring for a sickle cell warrior? Are you in school, working or managing a household? Would you like the your sickle cell story featured on this website?

Sickle Cell Warriors Inc.

If so, complete the following questions and email back to us. Submitting your story gives us your express consent to publish it on the website. If selected, your story will be posted in the featured section “Warriors in the Spotlight.” If you would like a picture included in the post, please send us an appropriate picture of you. If no picture is sent with your submission, we will use a stock photo that the editor feels best represents you. You can email your response to

*Please note that there is an editing process for readability and fluidity of your responses. However we strive to maintain the essence of your interview.

Feel free to answer them all, or just the ones that you feel comfortable sharing. Try to be as detailed as possible. Remember, you story can inspire someone else. Thank you so much!
  • 1 Why do you want to be a Sickle Cell Warrior Ambassador?
  • 2 How has the Sickle Cell Warrior community helped you?
  • 3 How passionate are you about our cause?
  • 4 What are your experiences with SCD and how have they affected your life?
  • 5 Where do you currently reside and what areas would you be willing to travel to?
  • 6 What type of community or philanthropic activities have you been or are currently involved in?
  • 7 If currently employed, what is your profession?
  • 8 What skills do you feel are transferable from your profession that will help you be a successful ambassador?
  • 9 Do you have any experience in public speaking? Please explain.
  • 10 Do you have any experience in fundraising? Please explain.
  • 11 What motivates you as a volunteer?
  • 12 Can you provide an example of an ethical decision that you have had to make?
  • 13 Financial accountability is a requirement for this position. Describe any expertise you may have in this area personally or professionally?
  • 14 Do you have any experience in event planning?
  • 15 Do you enjoy networking?
  • 16 What do you enjoy doing for fun or relaxation?
  • 17 What do you feel your strengths are?
  • 18 What are your areas of opportunity or weaknesses?
  • 19 What activities do you engage in to bring about self - improvement?
  • 20 How do you deal with conflict or differences of opinion?
  • 21 What support or resources do you expect from Sickle Cell Warriors?
  • 22 Do you have anyone that can support you in your role as Ambassador?
Thank you so much for doing this interview!!!