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Sickle Cell Free, Part 4: Life After Stem Cell Transplant

This is the finale of the interview with Raheem C, the sickle cell patient who underwent a stem cell transplant and is now sickle cell free! Congratulations Raheem! Live free and be happy!

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Sickle Cell Free, Part 2: Stem Cell Donation

In Part 2; Raheem, a 33 year old patient who recently underwent stem cell transplant, talks about the stem cell donation and retrieval process…which surprisingly is not as grueling as you might think…

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Sickle Cell Free, Part 3: The Transplant

It’s amazing how many myths existed in the sickle cell community regarding the stem cell transplant. Raheem tells us the hardcore truth!

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Participate in New Research Study for Women

A study at Wayne State University is looking for African American women with sickle cell disease who are over the age of 18 to participate in a research study about their reproductive health. Women will be asked to participate in a 1 ½ – 2 hour interview and complete a

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February, 2012 News Roundup

So many great strides I have tears in my eyes. $6 million raised in 1 night, new research with carbon monoxide, and insurance in NJ has to pay for bone marrow & stem cell transplants. Here is your monthly SC news roundup!

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Mid-November 2011 News Roundup

So much has happened since our last issue. Great strides in research with mice–2 new studies!! More warriors cured with transplants, and amazing strides taken in sickle cell research and care all over the world. Read on…

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August SC News Roundup

A new sickle cell treatment on the horizon, multiple sickle cell centers are opening worldwide, and more news updates from Bahrain. Get your news…

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July 2011 SC News Roundup

New research findings, a $10million dollar award in wrongful death case, collaborations with Texas, African, Canada and India to treat sickle cell, Miss Jamaica is a Sickle Cell Warrior and so much more. Read on

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July SC News Update

Ereck Plancher case, NCAA regulations enforced this year, World Sickle Cell Awareness Day all over the world…

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May 2011: Open Letter to the Community

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say hello to all the lurkers (we see you;) and all the new members! It’s been a while since I’ve sent out an email blast, but there are a few things that are coming up that I simply had to share with you. This

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May 1, 2011: SC News Update

NIH starts new center for Rare Diseases, HemaQuest starts phase 2 drug trials, NHS wrote official guidelines for sickle cell patients and new research on how sickle cell protects us from malaria. Catch your sickle cell news updates here.

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SC Research Study Needs Your Help

Participate in a new research study for daily pain diary with SC. Will last for 3 weeks. Must be between 18-35. Compensation: $90.

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April 11, 2011: SC News Update

India steps up to the challenge of a high SC population, Ghana shows some appreciation, Nigeria starts Bone Marrow Transplants, Dancing with the Stars for Sickle Cell, and a new Adult SC clinic in Arkansas. Get the latest SC news and research updates now.

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March: 23 Days of Sickle Cell News

Angola joins the sickle cell fight, India gets active, $3 million SC case settled in the UK, Nicosan back in the news, drama in Bahrain (again), and 2 new sickle cell treatments enter the ring. Get your SC news here.

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February 2011: This Month in SC News

No more laughing gas for you, NY Times does a SC feature, Che’Na plays basketball, SCDAA raises funds, Canada passes the torch and Brazil rocks out. Catch your latest sickle cell news here.

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