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    Isata Lakoh – The Most Important Day

Isata Lakoh – The Most Important Day

The most important day of my life is the day my parents explained the essence of the pain I have gone through majority of my life. Around the age of seven, I was slowly being informed about what made me different from the rest. The very beginning of any child’s

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    Ode to the Caregiver

Ode to the Caregiver

To all the Warrior Moms, Dads, Lovers, Sisters, Brothers, Husbands, Wives, Children & Caregivers. This one is for you. Thank you for being our angels. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL…………………………. You are Beautiful Have you seen the angel in your world. She is a beauty to behold! Her wings were brilliant but

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    A World Without Sickle Cell

A World Without Sickle Cell

A poem written by Vicki Glarum, a mother of a child with sickle cell disease. Envisioning a world without sickle cell…

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Krystal’s Poem

This is a great poem that sums up the strength, determination, and character of a Sickle Cell Warrior. Written by Krystal “For a long time, I found myself hiding in the shadows of the woman I’m becoming today. I was diagnosed at the tender age of 10, had no idea

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RIP Jasmine Bailey, the Warrior with a Microphone

SCW mourns the passing of one of our own, a warrior with a microphone. Rest in Peace Jaz.

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Sickle Cell Art

On the SCW FB page, one of the warriors posted this photo, and it was so creative that I had to post it. This just reminds me how talented, passionate, and creative sickle cell warriors are. Adreenah has given me permission to share this on the website.

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Poem: Ode to Sickle Cell

Written by a warrior about sickle cell. I think many of us can deeply resonate with this, the process and the awakening.

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Poem: A Love Lost

One of the sickle cell warriors on the facebook page shared this with me and it was so evocative I just had to share it with all of you.

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Poem: I Am a Warrior

Check out the inspiring poetry written by two of our very own Facebook compadres. I AM a Warrior is dedicated to you, and all SC warriors out there.

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More Than Conquerors

d Unspoken once again shares an inspirational poem about conquerors with us based on Romans 8:37

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Sickle Cell Celebration Poem

In honor of World Sickle Cell day, my wonderful and talented little sister wrote this poem that I must share with all of you. It’s so beautiful.

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The Two-Edged Sword

Sometimes one wonders why there is sickness, pain and death. Well, here is an inspirational poem by John Wark to get you through.

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SCD Poet on Brave New Voices

Check out this poem by Jasmine Bailey. Jasmine was featured as a poet on Russell Simmons’ Brave New Voices, a show that was on HBO a couple of years ago.

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Live Your Pain

Scars that bindTears that fasten me to uOur pain unites usSo be true to this emotionlive without shame your woundsCarry your head high as the tears flow.Let the tears fall and express your painwithout reservation, without regretbecause the more we share our painthe closer we become.Pain shared is real, true,

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