Sickle Cell Art

This was my first time working with clay. This was for my ceramics class. I made a 93 A. I just broke the walls and opened up to my class in a way like never before. The cells are hollowed pieces and my cells are shaped like sickles. The distressed eye was made by pinching. The eye represents how observant I am. Sometimes I can just sit back and watch, listen, and question. The eye also represents how sickle cells destroys the eye. The cup represents the “don’t cry over spilt milk phrase” because sickle-cell cell is something that I have but I have to live with it and get over it. The cup is colorful on the outside but dark and not smooth on the inside. The cup was made with coils. The bed represents my love for sleep. With sickle cell I’m always tired, even after I wake up. Sleep is my drug. Thought I’d share this piece with everyone.


SC Warrior

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  1. Jumoke on August 28, 2013 at 7:39 am

    Creative. Beautiful.