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Poem: I Am a Warrior

Check out the inspiring poetry written by two of our very own Facebook compadres. I AM a Warrior is dedicated to you, and all SC warriors out there.

More Than Conquerors

d Unspoken once again shares an inspirational poem about conquerors with us based on Romans 8:37

Sickle Cell Celebration Poem

In honor of World Sickle Cell day, my wonderful and talented little sister wrote this poem that I must share with all of you. It's so beautiful.

The Two-Edged Sword

Sometimes one wonders why there is sickness, pain and death. Well, here is an inspirational poem by John Wark to get you through.

SCD Poet on Brave New Voices

Check out this poem by Jasmine Bailey. Jasmine was featured as a poet on Russell Simmons' Brave New Voices, a show that was on HBO a couple of years ago.

Live Your Pain

Scars that bindTears that fasten me to uOur pain unites usSo be true to this emotionlive without shame your woundsCarry your head high as...
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