Sickle Cell Celebration Poem


This is a shout out to all the Sickle Cell Warriors out there

As you celebrate this day
You are strong
You are beautiful
You are life fused with hope that conquers pain
You are heart, soul, mind,
and life.

You are resilient, resourceful and resolute
sometimes bruised and tired
but moreover alive
Your life speaks volumes each day as you strive to make your mark and not cower beneath the weight of this disease.
With ease you celebrate this trait passed down by refusing to wait for doctors to dictate what you can and cannot do
Your scars enhance your true beauty
Sometimes weary, but like the eagle you daily take on battles that might seem futile
Faithful and true that is you
Chronicled by hospital visits and pain medication
Some might want to use this disease to define you but you refute their labels by simple being true to you
You deserve a standing ovation for your tireless struggle.

And so I pause.
I pause on this day of rest to say,

You are beautiful each day that you choose to see the sunrise as a blessing,
You are courageous for each crisis that you refuse to let conquer your indomitable spirit,
You are resilient and resourceful for juggling jobs, families, sickness, checkups, setbacks, pain meds and stereotypes
You are heart, you are spirit
You are mind, you are body
You are life
You are loved
You are beautiful.

and today I thank God for you

~by d Unspoken (K. Ola)


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