A World Without Sickle Cell

A mother of 3 warriors was moved to share a powerful poem she wrote titled “A World without Sickle Cell’ after reading a moving article on our website.  She expressed how so many people just don’t understand what SCD is nor do they understand what it does to a person physically and emotionally, and not only to the warriors living with it but the ones who care for them and love them.

Vicki says, “As I drove my son to the hospital this morning and we left our home filled with family that we are celebrating an early Christmas with today these thoughts came to me knowing again he won’t be home to share the day with everyone. I wanted to share and express what I felt a world without Sickle Cell would be like.”

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A World without Sickle Cell Poem by Vikki Glarum

A World Without Sickle Cell, I don’t think that is truly understood what it means.

It means to live a life pain free with no more pain meds and medication taken daily, it means not worrying about receiving the proper healthcare or being accused of being an abuser.

It means no more missed days of school and work, missed field trips, missed birthdays, vacations holidays and special events, music recitals birthday parties and slumber parties.

It means not watching from the sidelines while your friends and family are enjoying all these times, while your friends are running and playing and just being kids while you are wishing you could be too but instead your body won\’t allow you to.

It means no more fear of the next crisis knowing how excruciating the pain is going to be and not knowing how long it is going to last and the disappointment it is going to bring to you knowing that one of or multiple events will be missed due to a crisis.

It means no more frequent trips to the ER or clinic, no more fear knowing you are going to be poked for blood work.

No more people loosing their life prematurely due to complications.

It means that no one again will be accused of being an abuser when they arrive to the ER because they are demanding narcotics and require high doses because the pain is raging in their body so intensely and their entire life they have needed pain meds and have acquired a higher tolerance to them.

It means no more tears from babies, small children to the toughest looking man because the pain is unbearable.

It means no one else will consider taking their life to end the pain and we morn the the ones who actually have.

No more fighting so hard for a cause that so many turn their heads and wallets away from either because they don\’t care about it, mainly because they don’t understand it or because they don’t know anyone personally who lives with it.

A world without Sickle Cell would be a PERFECT world to me!

SC Warrior