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    How to Help those Affected by Sickle Cell Disease

How to Help those Affected by Sickle Cell Disease

Friends, partners, and family with a sickle cell warrior often wonder, what can they do to help? Here are a few tips to set you on the right path.

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Sickle Cell Stress and the Holidays

Sickle cell episodes are often triggered during the holidays. James explains why this happens and gives some tips on how to avoid a holiday hospitalization.

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Fighting For Your Rights in the Hospital

SCW expounds on what to do when you have been treated badly by a nurse or doctor in the hospital. Know your rights and take control of the situation!

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Signs of Sickle Cell Pain in Babies

How can you tell if your baby is having sickle cell pain or a crisis? SCW breaks down the 13 signs…

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    Constipation and Sickle Cell

Constipation and Sickle Cell

Pain meds can lead to constipation. Keep your bowels running smoothly with a few tips from other warriors just like you.

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Memory Loss During Sickle Cell Crisis

Have you ever been in crisis that you don’t remember much of anything? Well then, this article is for you.

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Pain From a Shower

Have you ever taken a shower in the AM and had pain almost immediately afterwards?

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    Pain Management in the Hospital

Pain Management in the Hospital

You are in the hospital, and after many failed attempts, your pain is still out of control. What do you do?

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Direct Admit: An Alternative to the Emergency Room

Why not just skip the rigors of the emergency room altogether? Try the direct admit system. It’s like concierge medical care.

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Tips for Going to the Emergency Room with Sickle Cell

For many of us with sickle cell, going to the emergency room is one of the worst parts of having the disease. Here are a few tips to help you make the ER visit less stressful and more successful. Good luck!

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My First Crises

Story of my first crises. A lovely family day at the beach, went awry with sickle cell…and so it began. Share your sickle cell first crises story in the comments section.

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Nurse Vent on Sickle Cell Patients

Have you ever wondered what the nurses are saying in the nurses’ station about you as a sickle cell patient? Well, wonder no further…Proceed at your own risk.

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Supporting Someone Through a Sickle Cell Crises

How do you deal when a friend or family member is going through a crises? Check the video to find out more.

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Meet Elise

Meet Elise: a beautiful, eloquent SCD warrior bravely sharing her story of the struggles of dealing with sickle cell.

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    Sickle Cell & Your Period

Sickle Cell & Your Period

I was wondering if anyone else has pain right before their period starts or during. I never was a woman to get cramps or migraines but i do get pains in my left knee right before my period starts. Lately I’ve been also feeling drowsy and drained. I have said

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