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Avascular Necrosis, Hip Replacements and Sickle Cell

What to do with AVN when you are young? See the message below! I am young (in my early 20s) and I had a hip replacement...

Yoga and Sickle Cell

Read about April's journey from becoming a yoga student to a yoga master, and a teacher's teacher.

Learning Ayurveda’s Morning Routine

Ever wanted to try Ayurveda, but didn't know where to start? April has outlined some of the basic principles to a better body, mind, and spirit.

What Is Oil Pulling?

Explore the latest health trend, health pulling. Our resident Health & Wellness expert April answers your questions.

Living Well with Sickle Cell, Without a Cure

Our message at SCW is that you can still live a vibrant, amazing life with sickle cell disease. Here is a post from 40 year old Ty, a warrior who has learned to live well with sickle cell!

How to Meditate

Meditation is a great coping strategy to balance your mood, keep you calm, and manage your emotions. April gives us some tips to get started.

Should You Use Marijuana for Sickle Cell?

If you were considering using marijuana for sickle cell, here are a few things to think about.

T-Boz and Sickle Cell on the Doctors show

TBoz talks about sickle cell on the Doctor's Show on TV, and gives suggestions on how to improve your sickle life via diet.

Massages and Sickle Cell

Have you ever had a massage? Have you ever had a pain crisis afterwards? Well then this article is for you. Learn how to reduce pain after a lovely wonderful massage or spa day.

SC Remedy: Milk Thistle

This week we will be studying the benefits of milk thistle with sickle cell. Several of our wonderful Facebook members use milk thistle daily so we just had to do some more research for you.
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