Learning Ayurveda’s Morning Routine


Ayurveda is an ancient system of taking care of your body. It comes from the Hindu Shiruti. A lot of it really does not make sense to a layperson; however, the more you learn about your body and yoga the more sense it makes. If you can trust me and just try it on faith; it will be good for you.

The part I love is the warm lemon water you drink and the dry skin brushing. I did the routine on faith. Later I found out the skin brushing helped dry skin, increased blood flow, reduced cellulite. Dry brushing the skin has many benefits. Everything on the morning routine has benefits that are excellent for you. It’s based on your dosha ( Body Type). There is a test on the website to determine your dosha. Most people have a dominate dosha, and a little bit of the other doshas.

Making you tri dosha. Doshas are like the western body types Mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph. With far more details. I am vata, pitta, kapha. Which means I am airy, fiery and grounded. I am airy in my thoughts, and fiery in my temperament yet I am grounded. For example I am proud to be vata/airy. When I came to yoga over 26 years ago I was Type A personality, the exact opposite of being airy. The fact that I airy means I came a long way and let go a lot of stress. An airy personality means I don’t worry about things. My husband went to a yoga function with me and we had a picnic on the beach yet none of us reserved an area at the beach. We chose an area, and a few hours later someone showed up and said they resevvered that area, we just moved over. 25 years ago I would have reserved that area and been really upset when someone showed up to claim it. All the teachers none of us reserved the area. We just knew it would work out. It did.

The morning routine will make your health better. It is centered on creating health. Each step has a reason, you just don’t fully understand what each component is until you delve more fully into yoga and understanding your body. Once it comes together it;s wonderful. I did it on faith and my teachers explained what each component meant to me. If you are practicing yoga ask your teachers and it will be explained to you.

Here is a copy of the Ayruvedic morning routine. This is the one I teach to yoga teacher training students.

Here is how to determine your dosha (body type)


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