It’s NOT Always Sickle Cell


This message is for everyone, and is a warning that should be taken seriously. Warriors, please read this! In the last few weeks, several warriors have told me that they had other health problems besides sickle cell that was not addressed or diagnosed quickly by their physician because at first, the doctor chalked it up to being a ‘sickle cell’ complaint. My friend ended up having a significant nerve damage that could have left her paralyzed if she didn’t address the numbness in her arms.

Please take this to heart and spread it far and wide. Not everything going on in our bodies is related to sickle cell! Sometimes something else may be wrong and the docs tend to focus only on sickle cell. When in doubt, always ask for a second opinion or a specialist in the area of concern. We have a very good health care system, and if you didn’t have sickle cell, you would be seeing a specialist for that weird feeling you are having. Please don’t assume everything is always due to sickle cell! We are still human and may have other health issues too. Even if your doctor doesn’t take it seriously, please push until you get a real answer. Your body warns you that something is wrong through pain, and if it doesn’t feel like usual sickle cell pain, it may not be. It’s better safe than sorry. This can save your life!

[alert color=”C24000″ icon=”hearts”]Obviously we do have sickle cell, and it comes with complications, but we are still people and anything else can crop up. We have to really be aware and take care of our bodies![/alert]

We have to act quickly and pay attention to the little things. We need to pay attention to even the random things. I’m not saying go full out Manchausen’s syndrome, or run to the doctor for every single booboo. But you know in your heart when something is ‘off’ with your body, and that should not be taken lightly. EVER. Even if something just feel odd, it’s better to check it out and have a clean bill of health than to have something wrong that keeps growing and festering. My friend just saved her own life by listening and pushing even when the docs didn’t think it was serious (it ended up very serious, that she needed surgery). We are the captains of our bodies and God has given us intelligence, intuition, and discernment.

Use these tools well and save your life! Please. I’m tired of receiving the death notices for issues that could have been cured or healed if dealt with appropriately. Please listen to what your body is telling you, and take heed. It’s NOT always sickle cell!



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