Spots Available for Mental Health Sessions

Group Mental Health Sessions : Spots Available

Hello Warriors,

There are still a few spots available for our brand new mental health initiative: group sessions!  These mental health sessions are great for getting yourself back in the positive swing of life. The licensed psychotherapist has graciously allowed us the courtesy of having a few more members join up this week.

Firstly, details in the flyer. Secondly, some dates may be switched depending on group agreement. We are being flexible so you get the most out of this amazing benefit.

To join, just fill out this form, it’s that easy.

If you are in a mental health crisis, please dial 911 or 999. If you are in a sickle cell health crisis, please call 911 or your doctor. Claim your Spot. Register right now. Sign up today to secure your spot. Dealing with a chronic disease like sickle cell disease  is hard. Life can be stressful and difficult. This chaotic year with the pandemic and racial tensions:  Some warriors deal with anxiety, depression, or other mental health challenges.  alThe medical system is overloaded. Overbooked services for licensed psychotherapy prevail. Through the MHI, Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. will offer some mental health benefits to our patient community. These services may include: coaching, support, group sessions, 1:1, small group, and and psychotherapy services for BIPOC, minorities, women, and chronic disease, rare disease patients and families. Crafted to support patients and families living with sickle cell disease this program is perfect for anyone.

The MHI is powered with donations raised during the World Sickle Cell Day annual Fundraiser.  This project implementation was developed with guidance from the the sickle cell warriors patient and family enrichment committee and will be overseen by a licensed psychotherapist.

Each group session will have no more than 5 members. There are four groups. Choose your first and second choice. The group will run for 7-weeks, starts September 7, 2020 and ends October 22, 2020. Each session is an hour. There are only a few seats remaining: You must sign up today as registration for the Alpha class ends soon on September 6, 2020.

SC Warrior