Warriors in the Spotlight

Interviews with sickle cell warriors around the world

Meet Elise

Meet Elise: a beautiful, eloquent SCD warrior bravely sharing her story of the struggles of dealing with sickle cell.

Meet Daniella: Young, Successful, Chef, Entrepreneur, Warrior!

Meet Daniella, a young, determined, creative, and passionate lady, fully invested in following her dreams and goals.

Living Well with Sickle Cell, Without a Cure

Our message at SCW is that you can still live a vibrant, amazing life with sickle cell disease. Here is a post from 40 year old Ty, a warrior who has learned to live well with sickle cell!

Meet Clarissa: The Warrior Behind of HeartofGold.org

The creator of the Heart of Gold foundation shares her inspirational journey with sickle cell below. Read on...

Meet Hafiz: Pharmacist, Outcomes Researcher, Husband, Warrior

It's always great to have a male warrior in the spotlight. Meet Hafiz, he is a focused, dynamic, determined man who is one day going to be a pharmacist.

Meet Nana: Student, Daughter, Future Medical Doctor, Warrior

Nana is a vibrant, feisty young lady who has been inspired to become a medical doctor. She has so much sass, fire, and positivity, it just leaps through her testimony. Check it out!

Bridgett Willkie, Sickle Cell Advocate

The best sickle cell advocate is a sickle cell warrior. Meet Bridgett Willkie.

Meet Aminat: Daughter, Student, Future Finance Mogul, Warrior

Meet Aminat: Daughter, Student, Future Finance Mogul, Warrior   I was 8 when I found out that I have sickle cell. I remembered that I stayed...

Meet Ade: Software Developer, Techie, Advocate, Warrior

Ade is an exceptionally brilliant sickle cell warrior, who has learned the fine art of balance. Read more...

Meet Ronke: Fabulous, Feisty, Legal Warrior

Have you ever wondered if you could become a Lawyer? Well don't let sickle cell stop you from that dream. Read Ronke's story of achieving her dreams in spite of having Sickle Cell.
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