Warriors in the Spotlight

Interviews with sickle cell warriors around the world

Meet Norma: Aspiring CPA, Mom, Wife and Warrior

This weeks' warrior is Norma; an aspiring CPA, mom, wife to a Navy soldier, and she is all sorts of awesomeness.

Bridgett Willkie, Sickle Cell Advocate

The best sickle cell advocate is a sickle cell warrior. Meet Bridgett Willkie.

Meet Natasha: Filmmaker, Musician, Survivor, Warrior

Natasha is a beautiful, spirited young woman that epitomizes the essence of being a warrior and survivor. Read her amazing story here.

Meet Grace: Business Exec, Mom, SC Warrior

Meet Grace, a strong, independent mother of 2, who works as a corporate sales executive. Oh yeah, and she has sickle cell.

Sickle Cell Warrior Heather on Dr. Phil Show

One of our esteemed Warriors in the Spotlight, Heather Avant was featured on the Dr. Phil show on December 17, 2015. She talks about how...

Meet Stella: Editor, Warrior, Survivor!

It is my pleasure to introduce Stella Okwy, a strong and successful publishing editor, who has overcome many difficulties and triumphed.

Meet Carla: Social Worker, Sister, Advocate, Warrior!

Carla is an exceptional woman, and with this interview you get to learn from a sister, daughter, and friend who is just like you...

Meet Zaranda: IRS Auditor/Mother/Drum Line Player

In addition to being simply gorgeous sickle cell warrior, Zaranda is a full time mommy and part time Drum Line Queen. Read more of her story.

Meet James G.: Event Manager, Advocate, Fiance, Future Author, Warrior!

James is a smart, intelligent, and industrious man. He has learned to live a vibrant life with sickle cell and faces each challenge with courage

Meet Damilola: Future Lawyer, Daughter, Student, Warrior

Meet Damilola, a law student who has a very defined sense of self. You will learn alot from this interview.
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