Warriors in the Spotlight

Interviews with sickle cell warriors around the world

Meet Tristan Lee: Fashion Designer, Model, Poet, Warrior!

Today, we are speaking with Tristan Lee, a loving and talented model, actor, poet, and fashion designer. Despite having had a stroke early in...

Meet Phyllis Zachery-Thomas: Founder of the SCD Soldier Network, Inc., Author,...

This week's warrior is a trailblazer, sickle cell advocate, source of inspiration, #1 cheerleader, mentor to all the SCD advocates out there, mom, wife, sister....there are not enough words.

Meet Tywanda: Accountant, Future CPA, SC Warrior

This week's Warrior in the Spotlight is Tywanda, a busy, independent, determined accountant who has her sights set on becoming a CPA. Oh...and she has sickle cell.

Meet Clarissa: The Warrior Behind of HeartofGold.org

The creator of the Heart of Gold foundation shares her inspirational journey with sickle cell below. Read on...

Lakiea Bailey, Scientist, Researcher, SC Warrior

This week's warrior is Lakiea Bailey, an intelligent, beautiful woman who is dedicated to sickle cell research, is defending her doctoral thesis in Regenerative Medicine, and oh yeah, she has sickle cell.

Meet Nick: Student, Husband, SC Warrior

Meet Nick L., a successful computer programmer living on the East Coast. Nick is happily married to the love of his life Tamika:) and oh yeah, he has sickle cell thalassemia.
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