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Warriors in the Spotlight

Interviews with sickle cell warriors around the world

Meet Abdoo: Husband, Business Owner, Body Builder, Warrior!

Hey everyone! Our Warriors in the Spotlight series is back! We have a wonderful love story and an inspirational true life story from Abdoo,...

Interview with a Medical Doctor with Sickle Cell Disease

Ever wondered if you could be a doctor with sickle cell? Well you can follow that dream. Dr. Y. explains to us how she went through medical school and became a physician.

Meet Teara: Student, Mother, Warrior

This week's warrior is Teara, is a sweet, gracious young lady. She's a mom, student and working woman. Through all her struggles with the challenges of sickle cell, she is able to count her blessings with a smile on her face.

Meet Malayesia: 17, High School Graduate, Determined Warrior!

This week's warrior is Malayesia, a recent high school graduate who has the world at her feet.

Meet Tarsha: Mom, Wife, Warrior

Tarsha is a lovely mother, with a strong faith, determination, and indomitable spirit. Read her story here.

Meet Jeremy: Coach, Bass Guitarist, Athlete, Warrior!

Jeremy is a football and basketball coach, who hasn't let sickle cell stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Meet Amanda: Mom/Grad Student/Social Worker/Warrior

This weeks' warrior is Miss Amanda, smart, independent woman who doesn't take no for an answer. Read more about her determination and tenacity, and how she took on her College system---and won.

Meet Stella: Editor, Warrior, Survivor!

It is my pleasure to introduce Stella Okwy, a strong and successful publishing editor, who has overcome many difficulties and triumphed.

Sickle Cell Art

On the SCW FB page, one of the warriors posted this photo, and it was so creative that I had to post it. This just reminds me how talented, passionate, and creative sickle cell warriors are. Adreenah has given me permission to share this on the website.

Meet Kandis: Mom, Nurse and Warrior

Meet Kandis, an intrepid and determined young lady. Even with AVN and sickle cell, she has accomplished all her dreams and strives to inspire others.
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