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    Sickle Cell Drug Therapeutics Conference LiveStream Sept. 14, 2017

Sickle Cell Drug Therapeutics Conference LiveStream Sept. 14, 2017

Sickle Cell Warriors has exclusively partnered with Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT) to livestream the Annual Sickle Cell Disease Therapeutics Conference from New York City on September 14 at This is the first conference that will be live streamed on our Facebook page in its entirety Through the livestream, you will

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    Sickle Cell and Getting Prescriptions Filled

Sickle Cell and Getting Prescriptions Filled

Have you ever had a doctor refuse to write you a script or a pharmacist refuse your prescription? James gives some tips on how to get your prescriptions ordered and filled, no matter what state you live in.

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5 Websites that You Should Know About

Explore the different resources that are just waiting for someone that needs them. Get help with your finances, medications, and medical bills.

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Part 2: Paying for Medications

Sickle cell medications do not come cheap. With copays of 15-30% on prescriptions, your out of pocket costs can grow drastically. If you are on a fixed income, or don’t make much, it can get hard. Here are some resources that might be able to help.

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Sickle Cell and Overcoming Addiction

Part 2 of this series gives you tips and strategies to overcome addiction. It isn’t easy, but it’s completely achievable.

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    Sickle Cell and Drug Addiction: Definitions

Sickle Cell and Drug Addiction: Definitions

The first part of this 3 part series deals with the definitions for addiction, tolerance, physical dependence, and pseudo-addiction

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Fish Oil and Sickle Cell

Learn all about fish oil, a simple, yet powerful remedy…

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    SC Remedy: Dioscovite

SC Remedy: Dioscovite

For the last few years, many people have come to me asking about the efficacy of Dioscovite. I have never taken it, but I know many sickle cell warriors have with varied results. Some have said that it takes away daily pain completely, while others said that it eliminates their

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Taking Nicosan and Hydroxyurea

I got a question today that I couldn’t answer. Has anyone taken Nicosan WITH Hydroxyurea? Did you notice a difference? Have you had any side effects? Please share your story, either via comments or through my email. Thanks!

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Nicosan and Tylenol

I ordered some for my fiancé and noticed it says u have to be careful when taking it with Tylenol. Which is in about every pain med used except a couple. What problems can you have using Tylenol and Nicosan together do u know? I know you aren’t a doctor

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Nicosan Skeptics—I need your story!

I got a question from one of my readers that I couldn’t answer. I used to be a skeptic and require facts, figures and statistics; but I think I’m too much of a Nicosan believer to be able to answer this. My baby is also on NICOSAN. Can’t dream of

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Nicosan Tingles

The next few days, I’ll be posting answers and questions that I’ve been getting from my darling readers about Nicosan and Sickle cell. I seem to be getting alot of similar questions, so I figure if I post them here, more people can learn from the same group of questions.

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Daily Pain Stops with Nicosan

I must say that I haven’t had Nicosan in about three weeks and have noticed the difference. I didn’t realize how much even the simplest pain was a part of my everyday life until Nicosan. I really hope they dont stop making this drug in my lifetime. It has really

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Information about Nicosan

Informational Release from Xechem Nigeria. This is old, but I just came across it so I figured it would help some answer all their questions. NICOSAN™ is a non-toxic, Phyto-pharmaceutical, product for the treatment of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). NicosanTM is obtained from the mixture of four Nigerian plant materials

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Mayo Clinic on Nicosan

Nicosan is referenced on the Mayo Clinic website. We’re moving on up! Check it on the end here

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