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How to Become Vegetarian

When I became vegetarian 28 years ago it wasn’t something I really thought about. However, it was the best decision I ever made. I...

All About the Sickle Cell Gathering

Hey Warrior Family! We hope you are doing well. Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. is planning the 2nd Annual Sickle Cell Community Gathering and Educational Symposium. This...

It’s NOT Always Sickle Cell

In the last few weeks, several warriors have told me that they had other health problems besides sickle cell that was not addressed or diagnosed quickly by their physician because at first, the doctor chalked it up to being a 'sickle cell' complaint.

Don’t Persecute the Process

As a parent, what you say matters. ElleJanae shares a secret to keeping her well of faith full.

Living Well with Sickle Cell, Without a Cure

Our message at SCW is that you can still live a vibrant, amazing life with sickle cell disease. Here is a post from 40 year old Ty, a warrior who has learned to live well with sickle cell!

Keeping the Family Circle

In this fast paced world, its easy to lose sight of quality family time. ElleJ shares with us how she is able to keep her family connected, close, and strong.

How Do You Handle Frustrating People, Why I Stopped Talking To...

How do you deal with frustrating people who don't understand what we go through? April answers how she dealt with the most frustrating person in her life.e

Everyone in the Family is Important–Not Just the Warrior

Here are some tips from one warrior mom to another on how to spread the love and attention around the whole entire family, especially to the children that do not have sickle cell.

How to Meditate

Meditation is a great coping strategy to balance your mood, keep you calm, and manage your emotions. April gives us some tips to get started.

A World Without Sickle Cell

A poem written by Vicki Glarum, a mother of a child with sickle cell disease. Envisioning a world without sickle cell...
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