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This category explores past, present and future research and news in sickle cell.

WEGO Interview

Part Two of the WEGO interview is up!

Sickle Cell Society 40th Anniversary Gala Ball

The Sickle Cell Society is excited to invite you to our 40th Anniversary Gala Ball. Hosted in the spectacular Royal National Hotel in Central...

Nicosan Rising

Okay, so ever since I wrote the Nicosan Woes post, I've gotten several people wanting to know what's the new scoop on Xechem. I've...

IN THE NEWS: September 2015 Edition

Breaking news from all around the world in #sicklecell disease. Stem Cell Transplant Adult Successful stem cell transplant of 12 adults with sibling matches (half-match) at...

Getting Cured From Sickle Cell

Have you ever thought about undergoing adult bone marrow transplant to cure your sickle cell? Here is a short testimony from a warrior who did it, and now lives sickle cell free.

Sickle Cell Patient Dies in Bahrain:(

To all my sickle cell warriors in other countries, my heart goes out to you. I know that we mostly talk about the care...

The New Sickle Cell PSA

One of my friends sent this PSA to me about Sickle Cell. I wanna know why my fine face wasn't there...lol.

Scholarships Available for Individuals Living With SCD

The International Association of Sickle Cell Nurses and Professional Associates (IASCNAPA) established a competitive college scholarship program to assist students with sickle cell disease...

GBT Announces Updated 24-Week Efficacy Data

All Patients Enrolled in Phase 3 HOPE Study Showing Statistically Significant and Sustained Improvements in Hemoglobin with Voxelotor Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc. (GBT) today announced...

November 30, 2010: This Fortnight in SC News and Research

This fortnight, SO MUCH happened in sickle cell research and news. New research, new drug trials, new medical center and a new report from the 1918s. Catch the latest here....
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