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Can Sickle Cell Patients Get Malaria? Yes, You Can!

Can a sickle cell warrior get malaria? There is a myth pervasive in the medical and sickle cell community that for some unknown reason sickle...

Life Insurance with Sickle Cell

It's been very hard to obtain life insurance with sickle cell disease. Here are a few tips that may get your application approved.

Stop Mistreatment of Sickle Cell Patients in the Emergency Room

Question: G. Jones says, "What can we do to stop mistreatment of SCD patents in Hospital and being lable as Drug seekers. Like our pain...

Who’s Really On Your Team?

This week was a sad week for my family because after twenty years, I have decided to transfer to another hospital for the medical...

Don’t Be Bullied!

As parents of warriors, we must always be alert when managing our babies’ Sickle Cell disease.  Recently, I had another eye-opening experience while dealing...

World Sickle Cell Day Activities!!!

Hello everyone! As you probably know, World Sickle Cell Day is around the corner on June 19th! This was established by the World Health Organization...

It’s NOT Always Sickle Cell

In the last few weeks, several warriors have told me that they had other health problems besides sickle cell that was not addressed or diagnosed quickly by their physician because at first, the doctor chalked it up to being a 'sickle cell' complaint.

Living Well with Sickle Cell, Without a Cure

Our message at SCW is that you can still live a vibrant, amazing life with sickle cell disease. Here is a post from 40 year old Ty, a warrior who has learned to live well with sickle cell!

Are You Practicing Proper Self Care?

Ever thought you were 'taking care of yourself' but then ended up in crisis anyway? April sheds some insights on how to practice proper self-care.

Stop The Pain Before It Starts!

Ever wondered what else you can do to improve your health, avoid sickle cell episodes, and generally feel better? Here are some basic tips to get you started--from one warrior to another.
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