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Sickle Cell Scholarships

Wondering about scholarships for sickle cell patients? SC Mom Kristina did the research for you. Click here for a list of active scholarships for sickle cell students.

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    Constipation and Sickle Cell

Constipation and Sickle Cell

Pain meds can lead to constipation. Keep your bowels running smoothly with a few tips from other warriors just like you.

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1st Annual Sickle Cell Warriors Cruise

Have you ever wanted to get together with a group of Sickle Cell Warriors, your family, and friends on a vacation where you got to share your life experiences? Well then, this cruise is specifically designed just for you.

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Sickle Cell and Tattoos

Ever thought of getting a tattoo but sickle cell has you a tad worried about it? Well then, this one is for you.

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Making the Team

Tamara details the importance of screening all members of your healthcare team— especially your doctors. Tryouts and Probation is mandatory, not optional.

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    From the Heart of a Warriors’ Caregiver

From the Heart of a Warriors’ Caregiver

Tamara is an independent, strong, beautiful woman who is head over heels and happily married to her own true Sickle cell warrior. Read about her journey from a wide-eyed novice to his staunchest advocate and expert at the bedside.

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    Exercising with Sickle Cell

Exercising with Sickle Cell

How can you exercise and work out without falling sick? Should we even work out? Check out what other sickle cell warriors suggest…

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A Little Motivation

A letter of encouragement, from one sickle cell warrior to another…and herself.

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Sickle Cell Free, Part 4: Life After Stem Cell Transplant

This is the finale of the interview with Raheem C, the sickle cell patient who underwent a stem cell transplant and is now sickle cell free! Congratulations Raheem! Live free and be happy!

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Sickle Cell Free, Part 2: Stem Cell Donation

In Part 2; Raheem, a 33 year old patient who recently underwent stem cell transplant, talks about the stem cell donation and retrieval process…which surprisingly is not as grueling as you might think…

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Sickle Cell Free, Part 3: The Transplant

It’s amazing how many myths existed in the sickle cell community regarding the stem cell transplant. Raheem tells us the hardcore truth!

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Playing in the Snow with Sickle Cell

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to be hibernating next to the heater. Here are some great tips to keep you pain free and yet able to go outdoors in the cold.

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    Sickle Cell and Pregnancy

Sickle Cell and Pregnancy

Many of us have heard over and over again that having sickle cell and being pregnant puts you in a high risk category. Set your mind at ease pregnant moms-to-be…Sickle Cell Warrior has done some research for you.

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Transitioning From Teen to Adult with SCD, part II

April explores the steps of helping your teen gain independence and successfully transition into the adult system.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t wait for 2010!

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