Life Insurance with Sickle Cell


insuranceI know we never want to think about end of life, but it’s important to realize that we are not here forever. Everyone should have life insurance (not just those with sickle cell). It helps to pay for burial and funeral expenses –which are atrociously expensive nowadays.

It’s been very hard to obtain life insurance with sickle cell disease. Many insurance companies have a clause that prevents pre-existing medical conditions like sickle cell and you are automatically eliminated during the application process. If you are not truthful in the application  many insurance companies will reject your claim when you finally end up having to make one. This can be a very tricky and dicey scenario.

The Affordable Care Act states that you cannot be denied for pre-existing conditions, however, there is a loophole in that it does not cover Life Insurance/ Therefore those companies are still denying us because of it. The 20,500+ members on our Sickle Cell Warriors Facebook page have pooled their resources. Here is what companies have signed us up in the past.

It’s better to apply when you are younger and just stick with the company all through your life versus waiting until you are older. Try to get a plan for your little kids with sickle cell too. If you get denied, try a different company. You can find the phone numbers and websites on the internet. (I’m avoiding back-linking to prevent them changing it based on searches). If you have any good ones, send us a message or leave a comment and I will amend the list. Good luck in your search!

  1. Your job: if you are able to work, sign up through your job. Your entire workplace qualifies as a group, and you cannot be excluded
  2. Choice Mutual (now has plans for trait and sickle cell)
  3. Presidential Life Insurance
  4. Lincoln Heritage
  5. Heritage Insurance
  6. Global Life (trait only)
  7. Certain MetLife policies
  8. Western and Southern Life policies
  9. Primerica with a child rider
  10. Mutual of Omaha (apparently they only cover the trait)
  11. J.C. Penny
  12. Certain Gerber policies i.e. Gerber Baby (GerberLife does not apply)
  13. International of Foresters
  14. Combined  Insurance: They only now offer sickness, accident, and cancer insurance


  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have someone who will give us Life Insurance please let all your members know they can email me or inbox me on my facebook page Etta Carter put in subject sickle life insurance.

    thank you.


  2. I have been an insurance agent for over 4 years and was very saddened that my company did not offer LI for this class of people. As I kept meeting with individuals that has not so perfect health, I found a company that will take children as well as adults depending on other factors. No exam required

  3. I was told by an insurance agent that if it is a kid you say “no”.It is not truthful I told him. He responded,”there is 2 year clause. If something happens before two years,you can’t get paid the claim. After two years they can’t take the policy from you” Children aren’t given physical exams.

  4. @sherry That is considered fraud and the insurance company would not pay the claim. The 2 year clause that is referenced is in regards to the contestability period which is for misrepresentations. With a misrepresentation, they can make an adjustment to the policy but the claim would still have to be paid.

  5. I have sickle cell anemia, does anybody know a good health insurance. I’m in college and right now I’m in Medicaid. Should I stay with my insurance now ?

    • Ro, try to stay on Medicaid for as long as you can. What do you get kicked off it is hard to get back on it on less you are 65. I would not suggest switching to another insurance unless you absolutely have to. Other insurance will have more out of pocket cost for you then Medicaid does.

  6. Globe Life denied my grandchild coverage because she has sickle cell. Globe did offer coverage to another grandchild who only has the trait.


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