First Quarter Update from SCW, Inc.


Remember at the beginning of the year when Lakiea and I promised that this year was going to be EPIC and so different from every other year of SCW?

We’ve been working hard to make that happen. We are only 3 months in, and we’ve already stepped it up with the monthly challenges, January Chicago Meetup, February Washington D.C. Meetup, March PEER Initiative, Advocacy training, Live tweeting Advocacy day & FDA Meeting, the International Day of Prayer (April), Mentorship training (May), Major Secret Initiative (June)–shhhh!, and the Warriors Annual Gathering in July.  And that is just in the first few months. Our goal is to have an initiative every single month (except

Thank you to our amazing group of volunteers, writers, advocates, and ambassadors that toil alongside us to keep the ship afloat. It truly does take a village! A warm thank you to Mia, Jennifer, Tamara, James B, James G., Nina, Louisetta, Rachelle, Brenda, Connella, Tamika, Grace, Busayo, and LBonee. It’s so true that little drops of water make a mighty ocean. We couldn’t do any of this without your help and dedication!

Besides working on the Annual Gathering in Atlanta in July, we are planning another MAJOR initiative for June 19th, that will be launching soon. Stay tuned, this year is truly going to be a Year of Achievement for SCW, and we are so glad that you are here with us. Our goal is to keep fighting, connecting, and advocating until sickle cell is eradicated and there is a cure for everyone. We can only do it with your help (and God’s blessings).

We hope to see you at the Warriors Annual Retreat & Educational Symposium July 17-20 in Atlanta, GA. To learn more visit and to register go to

The Early bird rate is significantly cheaper, so make sure you sign up for the database, register early, and reserve your spot  by Pre-Registering for $25.00.

See you in Atlanta in July!

As you can see, we have our hands full, so if you are inclined to volunteer, advocate, support us, encourage us, or donate, please do so!

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  1. Great article! Writing for has added so much joy to my life! I thank you for letting me be that parental voice for those caring for little warriors! I love to encourage God’s people and you’ve given me that opportunity as well as to share my struggles/successes in caring for my little warrior!


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