April Sickle Cell Warriors International Day of Prayer & Meditation for Sickle Cell Disease


Hey everyone,

After numerous requests, we are so pleased and excited to organize and participate with the entire sickle cell community for the first ever Sickle Cell Warriors International Day of Prayer & Meditation for sickle cell disease. It will be on April 5-7, 2014 and will last for 50 hours. It’s time for  Sickle Cell Warriors all over the world (friends, families, communities, professionals, scientists, supporters), to all unite with one common focus and consciousness. The power of God, universal thought, and global consciousness is real. We can all unite regardless of our personal, religious, or cultural beliefs. Even if you don’t pray or believe, think about what we are trying to accomplish and channel positive energy our way.

Ideally, this will show the entire world that sickle cell disease affects all of us, and we all care and want to do our part. The event will be for 50 Hours! Each of us will be contributing our voices, thoughts, and hearts to reach the 50-hour goal. The chain must not be broken, so we need your help to keep this moving!

Although Sickle Cell Warriors is organizing it, this event was specifically requested by the sickle cell community and is a community event. There is no negative intention or ulterior motive behind it. Our hope is that we all can unite under a common banner, and channel our beliefs into shared universal success. With one voice, we will cry out, and with one voice, we will ask for the solutions to this disease that has been tormenting us for centuries. With one voice, we pray for the success of all the programs, research, education, awareness, and activities that are happening for sickle cell disease.

Share this with everyone. Get your community involved. It’s fairly easy to join us.

1. Pick a time using the Doodle invitation here: http://doodle.com/kz22kw5dfpc5643u

2. Tell your friends, family, and community to join you.

3. At the allotted hour (either on the 00, 15, 30, or 45-minute mark), begin your prayer and/meditation.

4. Take a picture either before or after your meditation/prayer, and share with the other warriors on Facebook #SickleCellWarriors http://www.facebook.com/SickleCellWarriors or on Twitter http://twitter.com/SCWarriorTweets. The official hashtag for this event is #SickleCell or #SickleCell50. Let’s see if we can finally get sickle cell to trend both on FB and Twitter.

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Sit back, relax, and see what God, and the universe will do for you, for sickle cell disease, and all of us. You can pray or channel your energy in any direction as long as the focus is on sickle cell disease. However, we will be praying on the following;

  • First, giving thanks to our loving family, friends, caretakers, proficient and caring health care providers, and the fact that we have survived this long

  • A readily attainable cure for sickle cell disease in our lifetime

  • More viable research and treatment options to improve our quality of life

  • Increased public awareness and knowledge of sickle cell disease

  • Improved legislation, governmental oversight and increased health care funding globally to combat this growing epidemic

  • An end to the stereotypes, stigma, and backlash we constantly face

  • Compassionate health care and improved education of providers worldwide

  • Improved personal health: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, psychologically, socially etc.

  • Renewed individual strength to all warriors worldwide to deal with and speak on the issues that sickle cell brings us

  • Solace and comfort to the families of all those who have completed their journey on this side

  • Eradication of sickle cell disease for the next generation

  • Any other personal request

So, will you join us? Either way, please share the news!

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PS: Any donations can be sent directly to www.SickleCellWarriors.com/

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