Emergency Care not Ideal for SC Patients

Want to kjnow more about emergency care for SC warriors? Check out this great article that just came out on sickle cell disease.  It’s saying what us warriors have complained about for years; the gross racial discrimination in health care when it comes to treatment for SCD in the emergency room.

Althought, there are many causation factors, and issues that lead to this. However, the crux of the matter is that those with SCD experience harsh treatment in the medical system. This is far from the compassionate and complex care received by others. This is a national and global issue. 
Firstly, Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. will do our part to address this issue. We will do this through our new initiative: the Black Health Matters Initiative. Learn more by visiting our website and reading about other alternatives
Here’s an excerpt from the article:
“Most people with sickle cell disease (SCD) in the U.S. are satisfied with their primary care practitioners, but less so with emergency care given at a hospital to manage severe pain, according to a survey of more than 400 teenage and adult patients.

The study based on these responses, “Perceptions of US Adolescents and Adults With Sickle Cell Disease on Their Quality of Care” was published in the journal JAMA Network Open,

Pain crises can be common for people with SCD, due to the abnormal hemoglobin — the protein that ferries oxygen throughout the body — that alters the shape of their red blood cells.

SCD disproportionately affects African-Americans and Hispanics, many of whom are of lower socioeconomic status and with poorer access to medical care.”

SC Warrior