Don’t Miss this SC Blog launched a SC blog focused on recent developments and best practices in healthcare for Sickle Cell patients. Check it out! You will find lots of information on the health care industry. There are many blogs about sickle cell. Including topics on emergency care, health challenges, and perspectives from people living with sickle cell disease.

Here’s an excerpt from her latest SC blog post:

In the United States, pediatric patients younger than age 18 with SCD have more options than adults for ongoing health management through pediatricians, family medicine doctors, and hematology specialists. When patients turn 18 and need to transition to adult care, a critical shortage of adult healthcare providers leaves this population in a vulnerable position. On November 9th, 2018 Dr. Wanda Whiten-Shurney, CEO and Medical Director of the SCDAA – discussed this topic and others as well as a way that her team is working to address it at the conference in Chicago, IL.

One way that Dr. Whitten-Shurney is attempting to address the lack of access to care is through the support of the HRSA Treatment Demonstration Project.  As a participant in the HRSA Treatment Demonstration Project grant, the SCDAA-MI receives federal funding to:

  • Increase the number of providers treating persons for sickle cell disease or sickle cell related issues
  • Expand the number of providers prescribing disease-modifying therapies, such as hydroxyurea, and L-glutamine
  • Increase the number of patients receiving regular care from providers knowledgeable about treating sickle cell disease

Look for other patient care based blogs, like this one, on the SCW site.

Brooke Pillifant