Happy November from the SCW team!

Happy November!

First, we hope you are blessed, healthy, and surrounded by love.

Above all we are wishing you a happy November and good vibes. In addition to that, we hope you have some delicious food this holiday season.

Finally, spend time with your families.

But most of all, stay safe warriors!

happy november

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Here are some fun facts about November from https://www.liveabout.com/november-fun-facts-3456080.

Although the month of November is the last full month of autumn in the northern hemisphere, many parts of the country are beginning to experience colder temperatures and even snow during this month. The days grow shorter now, especially once most of the U.S. “falls forward” by one hour, exiting Daylight Saving Time on the second Sunday of November. Here are some more fun facts about the 11th month of the year.

November was the ninth month of the ancient Roman calendar and has retained its name from the Latin novem, meaning “nine.” In Finland, they call November marraskuu, which translates as “the month of the dead.” It is one of four months with a length of 30 days on the Gregorian, or modern, calendar.

In the United States and Canada, November is also known as National Beard Month or No Shave Month (also known as “​No-Shave November“) as a way to raise cancer awareness. Australians have a similar month where they grow a mustache instead of a full beard.

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