Warriors in the Spotlight

Interviews with sickle cell warriors around the world

Sickle Cell Art

On the SCW FB page, one of the warriors posted this photo, and it was so creative that I had to post it. This just reminds me how talented, passionate, and creative sickle cell warriors are. Adreenah has given me permission to share this on the website.

Meet Henrietta: Student, Nurse, Warrior, Transplant, Sickle-Free!

Hello everyone, Today I want to share something with you. It’s something I rarely talk about and that very few people know about me. But,...

Meet Heather Avant: Photographer, Dedicated Advocate, Inspiration, Warrior!

  Hi, everyone, today we will be speaking with Heather Avant, a Sickle Cell advocate, who began work to raise awareness of this disease at...

Meet Tunde: Christian, Accountant, Warrior, Catch!

Tunde is a chartered accountant that lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. My matchmaking sensors are ringing for this one!

Meet Damilola: Future Lawyer, Daughter, Student, Warrior

Meet Damilola, a law student who has a very defined sense of self. You will learn alot from this interview.

Sickle Cell Warrior Heather on Dr. Phil Show

One of our esteemed Warriors in the Spotlight, Heather Avant was featured on the Dr. Phil show on December 17, 2015. She talks about how...

Meet Jacqee, Daughter, 3rd Grade Teacher’s Assistant, Beautiful, Warrior

Meet Jacqee, Daughter, 3rd Grade Teacher’s Assistant, Beautiful, Warrior How old where you when you found out you had sickle cell? I was diagnosed...

Bridgett Willkie, Sickle Cell Advocate

The best sickle cell advocate is a sickle cell warrior. Meet Bridgett Willkie.

Meet Grace: Business Exec, Mom, SC Warrior

Meet Grace, a strong, independent mother of 2, who works as a corporate sales executive. Oh yeah, and she has sickle cell.

Organization in the Spotlight: Have A Heart for Sickle Cell Anemia...

This week’s organization in the spotlight is the Have A Heart for Sickle Anemia Foundation. Established in 1990 by the late Linda Collins...
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