Warriors in the Spotlight

Interviews with sickle cell warriors around the world

Meet Natasha: Filmmaker, Musician, Survivor, Warrior

Natasha is a beautiful, spirited young woman that epitomizes the essence of being a warrior and survivor. Read her amazing story here.

Meet Davinna: Social Worker, Crime Preventer, Poet, Student, Warrior

Ever wondered if you could do it all? Well this week's warrior has A LOT on her plate, but keeps focused on her dreams.

Minority Nurse Article

Last year, I got featured in Minority Nurse magazine. The tile is "Providing Culturally Competent Care for Sickle Cell Patients". The author interviewed me...

Meet James B.: Student, Son, Boyfriend, Warrior!

James B. is from Indiana, and through his experiences (which many of us can relate to), you will find a courageous, determined, and loving young man. (And we are totally in love with Irene!!!)

Meet Shakir: Entrepreneur, State Worker, Fiance, Warrior

Our Warrior in the Spotlight this week is Shakir C. He had a stroke when he was 3 years old, but this just forged him into a stronger person. Read more about his journey below.

WEGO Health Interview

I just received notice that an interview I did with Marie C. of WEGO Health is so officially posted in the blogosphere. As you...
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