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Advocacy and Activism

This section focuses on news in advocacy and activism for sickle cell disease. Get the latest on actionable legislative actions, state advocacy efforts, local, national, and global campaigns to improve care and the lives of those with SCD. We need your voice. Get involved, sign a petition, use your network, call your house representatives and senators, share your story, and make an impact.

Advocacy Training

Brief synopsis of the Advocacy Training class. Get ready to fire up your activism, get involved, and take sickle cell awareness to the next level.

Stop Mistreatment of Sickle Cell Patients in the Emergency Room

Question: G. Jones says, "What can we do to stop mistreatment of SCD patents in Hospital and being lable as Drug seekers. Like our pain...

You Can Make a Difference!

Hello everyone! Sickle Cell Warriors, we often hear complaints that there is not enough being done for Sickle Cell Disease. I'm extremely disappointed to find...

SC Handbook for Parents and Caregivers

Knowledge and Confidence to Tackle SCD Sickle Cell Disease is well known for the pain that it causes. What isn’t widely researched is the emotional...

Expert Patient Series Register HERE!

Registration for the Expert Patient classes is now open.

World Sickle Cell Day Activities!!!

Hello everyone! As you probably know, World Sickle Cell Day is around the corner on June 19th! This was established by the World Health Organization...

Year of Achievement

Dr. Bailey expounds on the strides that SCW has completed this year, and plans for next year.

Organization in the Spotlight: Baton Rouge Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation

Learn more about the Baton Rouge Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, and reach out to them or the sickle cell organization in your neighborhood to see how you can help!

Rare Disease Day Countdown!

Hello warriors! We have just over a week until February 28th, which is Rare Disease Day! In the US, a rare disease is defined as...

Show Your Rare!

The #ShowYourRare campaign was launched in 2018. The campaign has inspired the Rare Disease Day 2019 poster and videos. Rare diseases affect an estimated 300 million people around the...
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