AMPI Rare Disease Video

AMPI (Alliance to Protect Medical Innovation) created this video. It is to inform legislators of the impact that our country’s various forms of investment in rare disease research has.

APMI Mission Statement

More life-changing medicines are available to patients now than ever before. With new medical breakthroughs treating once-untreatable conditions and diseases is possible. Innovation depends on the commitment of scientists, doctors, researchers, patients, investors, business leaders and others. These people all devote their energy to the discovery and development of new treatments and cures. However, access to the next generation of medicine is being threatened by short-sighted policy proposals. These proposals chill investment in biomedical research and stifle future innovation that so many patients continue to need.

AMPI is a nonpartisan 501(c)(4) organization. They commit to fostering a national conversation on medical innovation and patient access to care that is holistic and fact-based. Toward that end, Alliance to Protect Medical Innovation evaluates policy proposals and fact-checks claims affecting biomedical innovation, as well as responds to attacks on this innovation ecosystem. We want to preserve the pipeline of breakthrough medicines that reduce costs within the health care system and help people live longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

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Brooke Pillifant