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A Little Motivation

A letter of encouragement, from one sickle cell warrior to another…and herself.

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Sickle Cell Crisis: A Not-So Friendly Reminder

Tosin reminiscences about the genetic predisposition that forces her to maintain a life of balance. Your body tells you…Be Balanced or Else….!

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Success Begins with You!

Tosin explains how you can have a successful and happy life with sickle cell. Once we shift our mentality, we all can achieve all our goals and dreams.

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Checking In…

Hello everyone, It’s been a few months since I posted on here. First of all I need to apologize for the silence. I know that it may have been very frustrating to come here with no new updates. Since October, I’ve faced alot of challenges in my life and health,

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Setting Goals

For those of you who haven’t zeroed in on your purpose in life, this is a great exercise when you have the time. Often we have ‘mental lists’, but an actual physical list gives you something concrete, something that you can check off, and something to reach for.

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May 2011: Open Letter to the Community

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say hello to all the lurkers (we see you;) and all the new members! It’s been a while since I’ve sent out an email blast, but there are a few things that are coming up that I simply had to share with you. This

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Poem: I Am a Warrior

Check out the inspiring poetry written by two of our very own Facebook compadres. I AM a Warrior is dedicated to you, and all SC warriors out there.

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SC Research Study Needs Your Help

Participate in a new research study for daily pain diary with SC. Will last for 3 weeks. Must be between 18-35. Compensation: $90.

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With Sickle Cell, Do You Consider Yourself Disabled?

Disability takes on a different connotation for everyone. As a person with SCD do you identify as being disabled?

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Happy New Year!!!

An open letter to fans and supporters of the Sickle Cell Warriors

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My First Crises

Story of my first crises. A lovely family day at the beach, went awry with sickle cell…and so it began. Share your sickle cell first crises story in the comments section.

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Taking a Trip

A short adieu. See you in 3 weeks.

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What’s Good Fam?

Tosin updates everyone on the goings on in her neck of the woods…

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Another Crises, Another Day for Abuse

Osei is bravely sharing the story of his last hospitalization, in the hopes that at least one med professional will see it, and change their practice.

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Out to the Hospital

It has been 2 weeks with no updates on the Sickle Cell Warriors site, and Tosin tells us why…

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