January 2013 Newsletter


sharingHey everyone! Welcome to our very first newsletter! I’m trying to have a system to catalog the various amazing conversations we are having on the Sickle Cell Warriors Facebook Page. There is so much learning, teaching, and sharing going on that I don’t want you to miss a thing! So I will post the Hot Topics (questions with more than 50 responses) from the month of January and any other links that I think may be interesting to the group. All you have to do is click on the link for that thread and it will take you directly to the Facebook discussion.

CRUISE BOOKING IS NOW OPEN FOR OUR SICKLE CELL WARRIORS CRUISE IN JULY! it is open to the entire community, and you can bring your friends and family.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

Don’t forget to contribute, like, or share with those affected by sickle cell in your life. As always, thank you to my 7400+ fabulous warriors who make the Sickle Cell community so rewarding and supportive. We are all in this together. Love, light, health and blessings, ~Sickle Cell Warrior.

January Discussion Links on the SCW Facebook Page

Medications and Complications of Sickle Cell

Living and Coping with Sickle Cell


[stextbox id=”custom”]Cedono says, “I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments in here, and I’ve felt the same way at one point or the other. Every day that I open my eyes, I’m thankful for life, especially if I’ve awoken with no pain and the ability to press on with my day. It may be hard, it may be a struggle, but I’m lucky to be alive. We all are. We are here for a purpose and our stories show the strength of the human spirit. We’ll keep on going, no matter what life throws at us: “Pursue your dreams, because God doesn’t give his weakest soldiers his hardest work; he gives his work to the strongest ones” Tardieu[/stextbox]

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