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Sickle cell Warrior

supportHey everyone,

I’ve recently been nominated for a scholarship for graduate school. I need to get more nominations from family and friends to win the scholarship. Please click the link below, Like, Tweet, and/or leave a comment. All entries must be in by the 31st so it’s now or never. I didn’t want to have to use this medium for my own personal goals, but it’s invaluable to use all my resources. Thank you so much for doing this. For those that have done it already, thank you again! Please share with your friends /family. Especially on Facebook. If you share the link, and anyone LIKES it, that counts as a vote. Like me!


I need 100 likes to get to 2nd place, and 500 likes to get to 1st place and win the scholarship. Any chance my Warrior Family can make this happen in the next 24 hours? Just LIKE the link below and/or leave a comment on the Diversity Jobs Scholarship website. Hope you are doing well.


~Tosin, Founder Sickle Cell Warriors.



  1. Tosin, is the ‘like’ icon/button directly next to the yellow star? I minimized my screen to ensure that I didn’t overlook anything. I did click the icon/button with the #’s directly next to the star and the number moved to 139. Is that the correct action?

  2. I arrived to this way too late, but I wish you all the luck with your endeavors. Hopefully you’ll have other opportunities for scholarships.
    I found your site a couple of years ago when looking for inspiration for my son. He has S.S. and needs to know and see that black men do overcome and adjust, making a good life for themselves. He is quite apprehensive about what direction to go in, and school was challenging for him, but he did graduate. I just want him to see there are men, especially, that are like him and are engaged in their lives in a broad range of occupations. Thanks to your site, it is possible the see. So keep up the good work and keep bringing the inspiration!


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