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SCW Video: IVs, PICCs, Catheters and Ports


SCW Video: Fatigue


No More Lifespans!

Join Tosin in this video to learn why you should disregard the number your doctor gave you about your lifespan.  Be inspired to join...

VOICE Crisis Alert App

VOICE Crisis Alert App The VOICE Crisis Alert app is the first national app created for patients and families with sickle cell disease. The app stores...

Sports Screening for SC Trait

Is sports screening for sickle cell trait a step in the right direction? Check out this video, and let us know your thoughts, either in the comments section or make/tag a video.

SCW Video: Pain Management in the Hospital


ASGCT Patient Education on Blood Disorders

What is this? The American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT) is proud to announce the first release of the Society's Patient Education program,...

Pain From a Shower

Have you ever taken a shower in the AM and had pain almost immediately afterwards?

Advice to Med Professionals: LISTEN!!

Heather Davis and Dr. Jennifer Stojan, discuss care of a sickle cell patient from both points of view...

SCW Video: Iron Overload And Fatigue

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