The SC Warrior Team is Expanding

Our team is expanding!

Do you love to write?  Are you a social media master?  Do you create amazing graphic designs?  Apply today to become part of the Sickle Cell Warrior’s team!

The SCW Team is expanding to include:


We are looking for 7 social media content creators for our team is expanding. These people will need to manage each of our social media accounts. You will be responsible for creating content, sharing content, adding fans, communications with warriors online, via apps and websites. 

You must have experience in the arena you choose. We currently are looking for someone to run our Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, SnapChat, Facebook, and LinkedIn sites. Choose to work with one or multiple platforms.

You must have a phone, tablet, or computer to use. We need people who are highly motivated, have experience using social media every single day, and savvy enough to manage your arena regularly. We will have 2 admins per social media portal, so there is a backup for when you fall sick.

Some of the content will be provided for you, such as sharing posts from the website or Facebook. However, you may have to create some content yourself.

This will take no more than 4 hours a week. You will create 3-5 new posts a week, and interact with others on the SM account all other times.

If interested, send an email to Please include a link to your existing profile on the channel you want to run, for example send your Instagram page if you want to run our Instagram channel.


Since our team is expanding, we are looking for 5 new writers and content creators for the website located at If you would like to write articles about the experience of being a warrior, share information you have learned, share your poems, videos, or any other creative talent, apply here. All articles must relate to sickle cell in some way, shape or form. You may also be assigned interviews or other written projects based upon our need. 

All items will go through the Editor prior to publication for review and editing. All content must adhere to our policies and guidelines. You will be given training via webinar/Skype. You must have your own computer, tablet, and access to the internet.

This is a volunteer position and is unpaid. It will require 4 hours/week maximum and you must be open to critique on your work. You will be required to sign an authorization form giving us exclusive use to your written works. You will have to submit at least 1 article a month minimum.

To apply, send us an email to with a sample of your written work as well as 500 words or less on your topic regarding SCD.

Team is Expanding: GRAPHIC DESIGNER

This is an online, virtual position. We are looking for 2-3 graphic artists who can help with creating various artwork for the website, page, and social media accounts. This is strictly a volunteer position (unpaid). Great for someone looking to expand their portfolio, who wants to work remotely. We know our warriors are talented and creative, so we need your help!

To apply, send us an email to with attachments or a link to samples of your work.

The team is expaning but applications will not be taken after June 15th.

Brooke Pillifant