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Tips on Going through Nursing School with Sickle Cell

Breonna asks, "Where are all the Warriors in nursing school? I am about to begin my second semester of LPN school and I have...

Yoga and Sickle Cell

Read about April's journey from becoming a yoga student to a yoga master, and a teacher's teacher.

Sickle Cell and Memory Problems

This entry is long, but so useful if you are having problems with your memory, and getting tasks accomplished at work, school, or home because of sickle cell.

Meet James G.: Event Manager, Advocate, Fiance, Future Author, Warrior!

James is a smart, intelligent, and industrious man. He has learned to live a vibrant life with sickle cell and faces each challenge with courage

Meet Atinuke: Project Manager, Strategic Analyst, Daughter, Warrior!

This week's warrior is Atinuke! She is a very lovely, dynamic, and beautiful lady inside and out. Learn about her experiences with sickle cell disease and what she has learned that has forged her warrior spirit.

Meet Carla: Social Worker, Sister, Advocate, Warrior!

Carla is an exceptional woman, and with this interview you get to learn from a sister, daughter, and friend who is just like you...

Meet Abdoo: Husband, Business Owner, Body Builder, Warrior!

Hey everyone! Our Warriors in the Spotlight series is back! We have a wonderful love story and an inspirational true life story from Abdoo,...

Warrior Spotlight: Flying Doctors, Nigeria

Check out this inspiring story about a sister that took her sickle cell journey to whole new heights...literally.

Meet Hafiz: Pharmacist, Outcomes Researcher, Husband, Warrior

It's always great to have a male warrior in the spotlight. Meet Hafiz, he is a focused, dynamic, determined man who is one day going to be a pharmacist.

Interview with a Medical Doctor with Sickle Cell Disease

Ever wondered if you could be a doctor with sickle cell? Well you can follow that dream. Dr. Y. explains to us how she went through medical school and became a physician.
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