Getting Cured From Sickle Cell


I know that I have written in the past with some skepticism about the adult bone marrow transplant for curing sickle cell. The process, seemed so daunting to me and I must admit, I was totally freaked out by the sacrifice involved to be cured of sickle cell. The life I have now, I’m kinda used to it, and it’s not as daunting as the unknown year that you give up to get cured. I know it sounds really wimpy, but I love my life, and living in the hospital for months at a time..*shudder*. I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something however, because in the last month, I have had 3 interactions with 3 different people that underwent the adult BMT process, and lived to tell about it and are now cured.

Okay, taking the focus off me, a recently cured sickle cell warrior, Christina Madry emailed me and I just simply had to share this with everyone, in case BMT was ever on your mind…

I, like you, led a productive life with SCA. I am educated and I travel the world. However those infrequent crises every year were intolerable and only get worse with age. At 34, the prospects of a cure, no matter what the risk, seemed like a dream come true.
I am the third patient, with Pam being the first, to go through the BMT program at Hopkins, and I’m telling you it was worth it. I can run 5 miles, I can swim in the cold if I want, but most importantly I am moving to London for grad school next year and don’t have to “worry” that SCA will peak it’s little head out once again and take days out of my life.

It’s not for everyone – agreed. I’m blessed that my adult brother was a 100% match. Although the process was very difficult (they basically break you down before they build you back up again) I would say the year I committed to my cure was a life changing decision.

For details of the year (6 months before and 6 months during) visit my blog at:

There you have it. And pretty much, the two other people I talked to that went through the treatment had the same thing to say. The treatment was hard, but it was worth it to be cured and never have to deal with sickle cell again. I must say, hearing their stories diminished my anxiety a little. But I’m still on the fence. What about you?


  1. That’s great i no you very happy to no u don’t every have to deal with sickle cell pain and life again i wish u all good luck and a great life but what did they all have to do to u.Was u in a lot of pain when they was done with everything. How have u and ur brother been have u been in any pain. good luck and u got all my love god is good.


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