This Week in Sickle Cell Research


Hey everyone, not much happened in sickle cell research this week, but two news pieces caught my attention.

Research from the University of Minnesota has solidified the fact that sickle cell pain can be treated with canniboids (aka Marijuana). It’s not breaking news on the streets but now those that have hypothesized and used marijuana for treatment of chronic sickle cell pain now have the scientific research to back it up. Read more about it HERE.

On the west coast, things are heating up for L-Glutamine, a potent amino acid, as a treatment for sickle cell. L-Glutamine inhibits cell adhesion, which means that it stops sickle cells from clumping together. The drug, which can be taken orally has just entered Phase 3 clinical trials last week, meaning that it might be on the shelves for public use later on in the year. Other research is exploring essential amino acids like gluthathione and cysteine, but so far, the research for Glutamine is further along. Read more about it HERE and HERE.

And this is the end of this weeks roundup of strides in sickle cell. See you next week:)


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