Warriors in the Spotlight

Interviews with sickle cell warriors around the world

Meet Chaznee Brown: SC Advocate, Secretary, Intern, Warrior

This week's warrior in the Spotlight is none other than Chaznee Brown. Besides holding down a full time job as a secretary in a genetics clinic and completing 3000 licensure hours to become a counselor and therapist; Chaznee also runs an active Sickle Cell advocacy group in the Bay area, California. Oh yeah, and she has sickle cell.

Meet Abisola: Marketing Communications Associate

This weeks' warrior; Abisola is quite a personality. Read on to learn about his college years, life, struggles with sickle cell and  of course,...

Ms Sheree: Medicaid Service Coordinator and Asst. Job Coach

This week's warrior in the spotlight Ms Sheree, has forged her own place in the world: holding down a busy, demanding job; a vibrant home life and reminds us that there is no reason you can't! Oh yeah, and she has sickle cell.

Lakiea Bailey, Scientist, Researcher, SC Warrior

This week's warrior is Lakiea Bailey, an intelligent, beautiful woman who is dedicated to sickle cell research, is defending her doctoral thesis in Regenerative Medicine, and oh yeah, she has sickle cell.

Meet Nick: Student, Husband, SC Warrior

Meet Nick L., a successful computer programmer living on the East Coast. Nick is happily married to the love of his life Tamika:) and oh yeah, he has sickle cell thalassemia.

Please VOTE: Teen Tries to Raise Money for SCD

Vote to grant 25K from Pepsi in which a portion goes directly to sickle cell patients and their families.

Bridgett Willkie, Sickle Cell Advocate

The best sickle cell advocate is a sickle cell warrior. Meet Bridgett Willkie.

Tonya Bright, Clinical Lab Specialist

Tonya is a mother of 3, loving wife, clinical lab specialist and sickle cell warrior.

Meet William: Father, Husband, Martial Arts Instructor, Warrior

Meet William Blake, father, husband, librarian, Black Belt, martial arts instructor, and oh yeah, a sickle cell warrior.

Meet Brandon: Truck Driver, Sickle Cell Warrior

Read more about Brandon Gray, truck driver---sickle cell warrior
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