Please VOTE: Teen Tries to Raise Money for SCD


Rahul Dole has signed up for the Pepsi Refresh contest to raise money for the Hematology/Oncology fund at this clinic. The fund, he said, is used exclusively for providing direct, financial support to families in need. Families are helped with utility bill assistance, phone bill assistance, and rent or mortgage. The fund is also used to help families make the co-pays for medications and costs of medications not covered by insurance. Dole said, assistance is also given for transportation costs and food.

He is in 61st place, and must move to 10th place before Pepsi will grant him the $25,000 for the fund. This is the easiest thing you can do to help support sickle cell today. Just click HERE and vote for him! You are helping many families with sickle cell just by supporting this cause. The polls close on July 31, so please don’t put it off, vote today.


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