Nutrition & Recipes

This section introduces one to different recipes, ideas and diet tips for sickle cell warriors. We are what we eat after all.

SC Diet Tip: Go Easy on the Fries…

Fried foods are detrimental to the insides of a sickle cell warrior. Read on to find out why.

Heart’s Truth Facebook Live 2/26

Join The Heart Truth’s Facebook Live at noon EST on Tuesday, February 26 to see how heart healthy cooking can be fun, especially when you do...

Sweet Remedy!

If your child has had issues or trouble taking medications, this post is for you. ElleJenae gives us the sweet remedy that she learned from her mom which gets her baby girl to take her meds every single time.

Recipe: Black Eyed Peas

Learn more about black eyed peas (not the singers), and how nutritious and delicious this legume is to your sickle cell diet.

Sickle Cell Diet

A couple of people have written asking me about the proper sickle cell diet. The best collection of sickle cell diet principles, menus and...

Embrace Your Crockpot on Days You are Sick

What do you do for food when you are in a pain crisis? April suggests a crockpot as a viable solution, that will feed you and your family all day!

Pink Pancakes

Check out this delicious and easy recipe from Jessica Seinfeld, courtesy of our resident warrior mom.

Recipe: Lentil Chili…Yum!

I made this last night, and it was delicious! It's healthy, rich in thiocyanate, and perfect for cold winter evenings

Tosin’s Green Leafy Vegetable Stir Fry

Here is my go to recipe for green leafy veggies.

Cuban Style Yucca

I had to go searching for a good Yucca recipe since it's one of the foods rich in thiocyanate, and it's easier to get...
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