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Are you interested in representing Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. at advocacy events in your area? Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. is proud to offer an advocacy training class for those interested in taking their sickle cell awareness efforts to the next level. The class will give you the tools you need to be an effective Sickle Cell advocate, find and serve your client population, make an impact in the world, and ignite your passion and inspiration for sickle cell advocacy. The class also provides personalized consultation to develop your advocacy outreach in your area. Graduates of this course are fully equipped to break the silence associated with sickle cell, reduce stigma, share their stories, and start their own  community outreach organization (if they so desire).

All classes are taught by the President of Sickle Cell Warriors, Tosin Ola, BSN, RN, and the Vice-President of Sickle Cell Warriors, Dr. Lakiea Bailey. Both have experience with starting several community based organizations from just an idea, working within the sickle cell community, and developing lasting relationships to build a strong network of dedicated health activists.

Due to the popularity of the Warrior Advocacy Training Course and the large number of interested participants, we are making some adjustments to our course load. We will offer one advocacy training class every 3 months. The sessions are 30-45 minutes and will run continuously for 6 weeks. You will require a phone, a computer, and internet access to participate. Beta class is registering right now, and class will start January 14, 2014. Each class will be offered once a week. If you miss a class you have to wait until the next session to make it up. You must complete all 6 sessions to receive your certification as a Sickle Cell Warriors-trained advocate.

Registration for the Beta class (January cohort) will start January 1 and end January 14, 2014. Spring classes will start in April. Further instructions will be posted when the class is available. Registration is strictly on a first-come, first served basis. However, priority will be given to the Alpha class to make up any sessions they missed.

So far, the classes have been an amazing experience. We have advocates training from all over the world; Maldives, Nigeria, Uganda, United Kingdom and the United States. If you are interested, please check back here, or on the main page for updates of when registration opens again. This is something you don’t want to miss.


The Advocacy Training Course is a 6-week consecutive training series designed to provide Warriors with the tools necessary to become an effective health activist.  Successful completion of this course is mandatory for all State Ambassadors and is required for Warrior advocates who wish to represent Sickle Cell Warriors, Inc. at health events nationwide.  (An additional Advanced Advocacy Training course (“AA” series) is required for international advocates and ambassadors). The Advocacy Training Course is offered once per quarter.  The one hour classes that make up this series are offered once a week (twice depending on demand) and all six classes must be attended for successful Advocate Certification. The classes are as follows:

  • Week 1: Introduction/Advocacy 101
  • Week 2: Sickle Cell Disease 101 – Basic Biology and Genetics
  • Week 3: Sickle Cell Disease 102 – Advanced Genetics and Disease Pathology
  • Week 4: Public Speaking
  • Week 5: Successful Event Planning and Legal Concerns
  • Week 6: Final Presentations

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Registration for the Winter Quarter of the Advocacy Training Session is now closed. Registration for the Spring session will be open on March 15. Please check back then for registration info.



  1. This opportunity is AMMMMMAAAAAZING and has changed my life more than can ever be understood. Tosin and Dr. Bailey are THE most down to Earth trainers that I know. If all of my instructors were this passionate I would have gone further in my education. But on a serious note I highly support this training and will forever be grateful and a proud, card carrying member of the Sickle Cell Warriors. Watch for more from Connella A. Guilford, Sickle Cell Advocate soon to be State Ambassador. NAME IT AND CLAIM IT!!! Forget TURN UP…how bout SIGN UP-SIGN UP!!!

  2. This is an amazing opportunity to learn about more about sickle cell and how to become an Advocate for Sickle Cell Warriors. That’s not even the best part you meet great people in the classes going though the same issues your going through. On top of that The instructors Dr. Bailey and Tosin are super cool and actually care if you understand the materials and will work with you if you have questions. I support this training all the way. I am also proud to be a Sickle Cell Warrior and can’t wait to help others on my path of being an a Sickle Cell Advocate and soon also be a State Ambassador. Now go sign up so you can help others in your area!!! Who knows maybe will team up.

  3. I am a nurse from Ghana who works at the sickle cell unit of my hospital..but I am currently in canada and want a course on sickle cell to throw more highlights
    On the condition when I go back home when does class start?

  4. I am a nurse from Ghana who works at the sickle cell unit of my hospital..but I am currently in canada and want a course on sickle cell to throw more highlights
    On the condition when I go back home when does class start?

  5. Hello,my daughter has sickle cell anemia. I have been advocating for her for years due to the unpleasant treatment, attitude and service my daughter had experienced I decided the best thing for me to do, would be to become an advocate on the personal level and advocate not only for my daughter but others as well. I do share what people with sickle cell go through but I want to get the message out to more people. I write poems for a living, so I believe with that experience,my hunger, thirst to speak out on behalf of those who suffers could be awesome. I wrote a poem years ago for my daughter titled “A Day In My Shoes.” Walking a day in the shoes of a Sickle Cell Patient (Fighter)

  6. My 5th grade sickle cell student has a teacher who has ignored the required accommodations by the state regarding my student and will not send her homework via email. Her mom is a hardworking single mom. How can I help my student?


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