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Success Begins with You!

Tosin explains how you can have a successful and happy life with sickle cell. Once we shift our mentality, we all can achieve all our goals and dreams.

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Meet Clarissa: The Warrior Behind of

The creator of the Heart of Gold foundation shares her inspirational journey with sickle cell below. Read on…

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Meet Tunde: Christian, Accountant, Warrior, Catch!

Tunde is a chartered accountant that lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria. My matchmaking sensors are ringing for this one!

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Meet Clayton: CPS Investigator, Husband, Father and Warrior.

This week’s warrior is a father, husband and advocate for at-risk youth. Clayton doesn’t let anything slow him down. Read his inspiring story next…

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Meet Yomi: Project Manager/Husband/Adventurer/Warrior

Read on to find out more about Yomi’s amazing life journey thus far, how he took sickle cell lemons and made lemonade, and the zen philosophy of his life.

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Meet Zaranda: IRS Auditor/Mother/Drum Line Player

In addition to being simply gorgeous sickle cell warrior, Zaranda is a full time mommy and part time Drum Line Queen. Read more of her story.

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Meet La’Veda Page: Minister, Teacher, Actress, Mom, Singer, Wife, Warrior

Our warrior for this week is a dynamic and energetic woman. La’Veda Le Page is a mom, actress, wife, musician, minister and of course a sickle cell warrior!

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With Sickle Cell, Do You Consider Yourself Disabled?

Disability takes on a different connotation for everyone. As a person with SCD do you identify as being disabled?

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Meet Grace: Business Exec, Mom, SC Warrior

Meet Grace, a strong, independent mother of 2, who works as a corporate sales executive. Oh yeah, and she has sickle cell.

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Meet Abisola: Marketing Communications Associate

This weeks’ warrior; Abisola is quite a personality. Read on to learn about his college years, life, struggles with sickle cell and  of course, his many successes. How old where you when you found out you had sickle cell? Since I was a baby. How did your childhood and your

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Financial Assistance for the Employed

What financial plans can a sickle cell warrior make ahead of time to cover when he/she will be out of work sick? Read on to find out more.

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So I know that I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks, but readers on the FB page will know that I ran out of Nicosan and fell sick! I’m much better now, and things seem to be looking up on the Nicosan front. I have also been job hunting.

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Telling Your Job You Have Sickle Cell

Okay, for starters I’ve learned the hard way that it’s always good to tell your job that you have sickle cell BEFORE you end up in the hospital for a week. I used to work as a personal assistant, and it was a great job that used my organizational capabilities

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Let’s Play Catchup

What’s good fam? Has it really been that long? I can’t believe we are midway through Sept and I haven’t posted a thing. Sorry to all the folks that emailed me, with no response—I haven’t been sick, I’ve just be drowning in a sea of too many responsibilities. Work: has

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Admitting I’m Not a Super Woman

I was at work last night, another late 12 hour nocturnal shift. Everything was going okay until around 4am when I got hit by major pains. It’s unethical to be popping pain pills when I have the lives of other people in my hands so I just gritted my teeth

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