Pain From a Shower



Another sickle cell fun fact: taking a shower in the mornings may lead to a painful sickle cell crisis. Check out the video below and share your experiences.



  1. So true. till date I hardly take early morning or late night shower if the water ain’t warm. People say I’m dirty but I understand why I do it.

    Reminds me of when I was an undergraduate and I told a nurse that I atimes prefer to sit under the sun in the morning then she laughed at me and started calling me “sun therapy”. it works for me and I just do it not minding what people say

  2. Marty
    I’ve recently started having pain crisis after a late night shower, and even in warm or hot water the pain comes, and hurts so awful. I count my blessings because I am now 62 years of age, diagnosed when I was 28, worked all my life – sometimes two full time jobs. So yes, even dealing with this awful disease, I am very Blessed..


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