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Stop Mistreatment of Sickle Cell Patients in the Emergency Room

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Stop Mistreatment of Sickle Cell Patients in the Emergency Room

Question: G. Jones says, “What can we do to stop mistreatment of SCD patents in Hospital and being lable as Drug seekers. Like our pain is not real. We are not just looking for Dugs. Why wood anyone get out their bed and go to hospital at 3am, if their pain wasn’t real. Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis Indiana is really bad with treatment of SC patents. If you say your hurting, why not believe you. If I say I think Im having a heart attack you wouldnt doubt it.”

Answer: G is right. We need to stop accepting being treated like crap in the Emergency Department is acceptable. Because it is not. I think every time something happens to us, we need to file a report. We need to let administration know. Most of these cases go under reported or people don’t follow through and so the hospital has no incentive to change anything. If we keep all the reporting to the hospital admins, governmental agencies, regulating bodies, licensure bodies, heck even Medicare. They would be forced to comply with providing quality consistent medical care to all sickle cell patients. We need to do it as a cohesive force. If 20,000 patients on here wrote into JCHACHO? Or into the Emergency Academy of Physicians? Change would be forced to happen. Staying silent and complacent is the problem.

We must be resistant..

About Author

Sickle Cell Warrior

Sickle Cell Warrior

Tosin is dedicated to perpetuating healthy and positive messages about sickle cell. Although sickle cell is a subject often taboo in the communities this condition is most prevalent, Tosin's message is that sickle cell is not something to be ashamed of and you can live a rich and fulfilling life with sickle cell. Sickle cell warriors are the most amazing people in the world, with a great fortitude for compassion, willpower and strength.

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  1. Skinny
    Skinny February 27, 11:56

    Because they don’t take the time to study our disease. I feel because we are black our some other people of color they feel we shouldn’t get the same treatment as another person or race with cancer or something when truly our disease is as life taken if not worse then other diseases they put time in and research in

  2. Ade
    Ade February 27, 19:38

    this is a great idea, can you start an online petition for this? Or do we need to send snail mail instead?

  3. Wait for that day
    Wait for that day March 05, 21:32

    I was walking around and I found this article, I am SCD patient and nurse, I visited Germany, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Iran, Ukraine…etc.
    – Sadlly, the problems are exist in all world not only in US.
    – There’re private clinics said to me don’t use us don’t think we will give you drugs even with money.
    – When I hear someone cry due to my work time, I feel broke heart because I know how is pain but I can not prescribe drugs.

    God bless you…

  4. CC
    CC March 22, 19:57

    In response to the article listed above by G. Jones. I agree 199%. Question is…maybe someone can answer…How do we go about filing a complaint in large numbers to make an impact. I too use to be ashamed to share w/ my job or even talk about my condition but now I’m ready to tell the world if it will get us SC Warriors better and faster care. What has been done already and what can we do moving forward?

  5. @charmgurl
    @charmgurl May 06, 01:59

    It’s what I’m sure many of us have been through. I am 44 now and I used to go to Chicago area ER and I would get treated as a drug seeker but either way they needed to treat my pain no matter what. I saw the difference my cancer roommates in hospitals like Loyola University were treated for their pain. But I learned to have someone to be my mouthpiece while I’m there in ER or hospital to demand equal treatment or the best treatment possible.
    When I was little I used to say I was going to be that in hospital advocate for Sickle patients because I had experienced things.
    – I suggest get and stay with hospital and doctors that know you and treat you right.
    – Be vigilant in putting complaint in writing to hospital governing board.
    – Remember the patient advocates work for hospital so they may chart your complaint.

    Stay well

  6. Tayo
    Tayo May 17, 08:42

    I thought this horrible mistreatment and labelling only happened in the United Kingdom, am amazed its a global thing. I believe the main issue is the ignorance of medics to the condition, to help reduce the problem at my local clinic the patient and staff had a session which we Highlighted issues and medical staff were actually sent for training on sickle cell and pain management. It helped a bit but as patients we still need to help spread the word that we are not morphine addicts.

  7. Realist MD
    Realist MD May 31, 02:01

    As a healthcare provider… once our ED became dilaudid free we have seen an exponential drop in the sickle cell visits and admissions.

    Maybe because I have seen people lie to me about having Sickle cell. 10/10 pain with normal vital signs. Only come to ER. Prior to being dialysis free we would see people who would come every few days. The fact that I rarely see them follow up with their Heme specialists. All the allergies to morphine, Toradol, and only “dilaudid” or that drug that starts with a D. Please. People are intellectually dishonest if you don’t admit there is a lot of drug seeking behavior overlap with this population.

    All the local hospital systems being on the same system has cut down on the abuse.

    How do they treat all the sickle cell disease in Africa? Hint: not with Narcotics.

  8. Negra
    Negra July 19, 10:58

    I have sickle cell trait and have been to the hospital which is not fun due to a lot of pain. I have crisis and this is serious. I pray to God to heal all the people that have sickle cell trait anemia. I have the trait and my daughter has the anemia and my father has the disease also as well as my two granddaughters have the trait.

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