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All questions about sickle cell, love, sex and relationships are explored here.

Finding Love with Sickle Cell

Is it possible to find love with sickle cell? It surely is! Follow Kena as she shares her story of heartbreak, romance, finding love and happily ever after.

More Sex and Sickle Cell

Here are some tips to help you have amazing sexual experiences in and out of the bedroom without triggering a sickle cell crisis afterwards...

Meet KiAnna – Daughter, Wife, Warrior

Hi, my name is KiAnna and I'm 24 going on 25 this spring. I'm adopted and the oldest of 11. 5 adopted, 5 biological...

Should I Date Someone with Sickle Cell?

To those wanting to date, love or marry a sickle cell warrior---this one's for you.

Sex with Sickle Cell

Here are some tips on how to have successful encounters in the bedroom...and prevent a crises.

Romance & Relationships

I'm sure those of you with medical conditions know this, it's hard to find a good man while you are grappling with an illness....

Signs of Sickle Cell Pain in Babies

How can you tell if your baby is having sickle cell pain or a crisis? SCW breaks down the 13 signs...

Sickle Cell and Falling in Love

There are many pitfalls surrounding relationships and falling in love. When you throw in sickle cell things get a bit dicey...

Pregnancy & Contraceptives with Sickle Cell

Besides abstinence, what are the best contraceptive choices for a sickle cell warrior? For men of course that would be the condom, but for...

Sickle Cell and Pregnancy

Many of us have heard over and over again that having sickle cell and being pregnant puts you in a high risk category. Set your mind at ease pregnant moms-to-be...Sickle Cell Warrior has done some research for you.
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