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Schools & Parents Can Work Together

ElleJanae explains how to work together with school administrators and the teacher to get your 504B plan instituted and executed for your child.

Don’t Persecute the Process

As a parent, what you say matters. ElleJanae shares a secret to keeping her well of faith full.

Keeping the Family Circle

In this fast paced world, its easy to lose sight of quality family time. ElleJ shares with us how she is able to keep her family connected, close, and strong.

Sweet Remedy!

If your child has had issues or trouble taking medications, this post is for you. ElleJenae gives us the sweet remedy that she learned from her mom which gets her baby girl to take her meds every single time.

Seek and You Shall Find the Support You Need!

We have heard the saying that a 'closed mouth does not get fed'. Learn from a Warrior Mom how to rebuild your support system, so you can care for your family when your child is in the hospital.

Learn Your SCW’s Body for Yourself

Learning your child's body can be a daunting task, especially with sickle cell. ElleJ shares her strategies with you, from one warrior mom to another.

Recipe: Tuna Croquettes with Rice and Veggies

Elle Jenae shares a favorite family recipe that is healthy, delicious, and packed with nutrients for her growing family. Join the ZFamily at dinner table and bon appetite!

Seven Months

While she was 7 months pregnant, ElleJ got the call that irrevocably changed her life forever. Read her experience below.

Happy Holidays!

Tosin gives us a preview of 2014 for Sickle Cell Warriors and some announcements on the website.
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