Don’t Persecute the Process



We all go through trials and tribulations differently in this life. His fight may not be her fight and her fight may not be my fight and all that’s okay. What’s not okay is when we waste time persecuting the process; the circumstances we live with.  This walk was given to you because you will succeed in it! Raising a warrior is not punishment but rather a testimony that will change the world!  God gives the hardest tests to the strongest people.  Speaking negative things into the atmosphere, believing every negative health report given and complaining about your warrior’s circumstances is persecuting the process!

Sickle Cell, if nothing else, has kept me on my face before God in prayer. It has taught me to release positive claims into the atmosphere concerning my warrior and family. It has taught me to remain prayerful still no matter what it looks like. It has taught me to fight and never give up.  I have learned not to accept every report spoken over my warrior’s life. It has forced me to either have faith because giving up is not an option.  It has increased my faith the more every day. Wavering in unbelief will not work. Either go hard in your faith or go home! I’ve tried it and seen my warrior’s negative test results given to me one minute then she ‘s better the next day and goes home.  I’ve seen my baby in pain that brings tears and as I pray and believe on the route to her school; I get there and she is fine.  Refuse to believe anything other than what is best for your warrior!  Do your part and God will do his!

It’s timeout for repeating quotes with no power! It’s timeout for not staying in fighting mode and giving up because it’s hard. Faith is not a topic, it’s an action.  You were given a warrior to make you become a prayer warrior! Everyone won’t understand while you smile.  While you praise and keep positive no matter what it looks like to everyone else.  It’s your job to believe for your warrior now and they will learn how to become that prayer warrior for themselves in the future.   Persecuting the process won’t get you anywhere but depressed!  Strong faith builds on the inside of you but manifests on the outside! 

When you are feeling like you want to give up, that’s when you find a secret place and pray for strength.  When you are too weak to pray, call someone who knows how to get a prayer through and ask them to pray for you.  Read encouragement, listen to songs that will uplift your spirit and get you a promise verse that will for sure encourage you even more.  Remember nothing is impossible if you believe.  So know your life has a purpose for your warrior spiritually and naturally.  Don’t drown yourself in the sorrows of persecuting the process but instead celebrate every good step and believe for more!


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